Set up a Flavor Experience in your club

A different and unforgettable experience for your members


What does the Flavor Experience consist of?

Flavor Experience is an event organised by CSC Green Gourmet to teach how to pair drinks and cannabis. A very special and educational tasting to learn about terpenes and flavours.

I want a Flavor
Experience at my club

Why hold a Flavor Experience at your CSC?


Introduce the world of terpenes


Unites club members


Learn how to pair drinks and cannabis

Social media

Showcase the event on social media

Flavor Experience

I want a Flavor
experience in my club.

Flavor Experience Events


Warm family atmosphere with excellent variety!


High Smoking Club

With Piecemakergear Europe as special guests


The High Class Club

With Naturallowed as special guests

Wheel Flavors Terpenes Cannabis.Download the wine pairing guide

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CSC GREEN GOURMET is an unattended customised services for Cannabis Social Clubs. We contribute to the well-being of all members with smart tech.

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