The CSC Green Gourmet Market

Have you already seen our MARKET? 👁
It is specially designed for Cannabis Associations that already have a bar service.

Through this exclusive private ecommerce for CSCs, we make it easy for the club to manage orders and delivery service so that they always have a full fridge.

👌 And if the club doesn't have a fridge, we will set it up for FREE.

✅ More variety

✅ Less stock = less warehouse

Our pre-picking services allow for a wide variety of orders without the need to buy whole boxes.

✅ Avoid having to source products from different suppliers.

✅ We have weekly special offers

Every month we add new products so that the club always maintains a varied menu with seasonal products for its members.

Forget about shelf life control.

✅ We deliver the same day if you place your order before 12 noon.

What are you waiting for to have CSC Green Gourmet in your Club! 🐰💚


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About us

CSC GREEN GOURMET is an unattended customised services for Cannabis Social Clubs. We contribute to the well-being of all members with smart tech.

Where we are

C.S.C. Unattended Green Services S.L. B67127837
Carrer Berguedà, 15 nave 8A Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (08130-Barcelona)
CSC Green Gourmet