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Dr. Grinspoon

Ideal for medium-sized cannabis associations

The Dr. Grinspoon Cannabis Social Club vending machine has arrived to change the idea of food in clubs across the country by complying with current Cannabis regulations and satisfying the most refined palates. 

This is not just an ordinary vending machine, it goes beyond that. It has a number of features that make it a unique option for your club that your members will appreciate right from the start.


The Dr. Grinspoon has the delicacy of a careful and practical design that together with its modern and minimalist aesthetic line makes it integrate effectively into your CSC. 

It adapts perfectly to any space, either individually in a corner or in a battery, together with other vending machines. This is why it is the perfect choice for clubs of a certain size.


The product configuration is totally flexible so you can mould it to your club's taste. You can combine delicious drinks with all kinds of sweet and savoury edibles. Arrange them as you like on the shelves according to how they pair with the different CSC marijuana strains. 

The LED lighting of the showcase will highlight the products and attract the attention of your partners. 


Operation is very simple thanks to the first-class user interface and the attractive alphanumeric keypad. It is as simple as choosing the product. In just a few seconds, any member can be enjoying an exquisite meal in your club.

If you want to complete your Association's services with a quality food service, choose the Dr. Grinspoon vending machine for Cannabis Social Clubs. Its advanced electronics and high performance will satisfy the most distinguished demands of your members.

Technical characteristics of the Dr. Grinspoon vending machine

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