5 Must-Have Foods for Your Cannabis Social Club (CSC)

If you own or work in a cannabis association, you will know that it is essential to take care of your members in the best possible way, always offering a quality service, the best advice and complements such as food with tasty and healthy food and leisure with billiards, board games, video games, etc. Well, in this article we want to help you with some foods that can not miss in your Cannabis Social Club to make your members feel at home.

As you well know everything that has to do with Cannabis Associations is very limited and legally regulated in Spain, so any breach of the laws or requirements imposed by the state can lead to the closure of the club. So you better comply with all the rules. That also includes offering food and beverages to your CSC members.

The best way to do this while complying with current cannabis regulations is through specialized vending machines. In this way, members have at their fingertips a wide variety of top-notch food at their fingertips whenever they want it, whenever they want it.

food needed in your cannabis association

Having said that, it is also important for you to know that there are a series of foods that are ideal for your cannabis club because of their flavors, components or nutrients that make them more compatible than others with the different cannabis strains and terpenes. Let's review some of them:


You can easily offer loin and cheese, bacon or chicken sandwiches to your members through specialized CSC vending machines. Sandwiches are a must in any self-respecting cannabis social club, as members tend to spend long hours at the club. Therefore, providing them with nutritious sandwiches for breakfast, snacks or simply as a snack is something that should not be overlooked in your cannabis association. The same goes for pizzas.

Dried Fruits

Nuts are a perfect snack for any time of the day and combine wonderfully with certain cannabis strains thanks to their salty taste. Having peanuts, seeds or almonds, among others, will be one more point in favor of the care of your club members.

Potato Chips

Who doesn't love potato chips with a few puffs of marijuana? Believe us, your partners do too. Having a wide variety of potato chips in different flavors is easy and convenient. 

In addition, club members will be able to combine the flavor of the potatoes they want with the flavor of the cannabis variety, as explained in the flavor wheel that we have created at CSC Green Gourmet.

For example, members who opt for chips with spicy touches can combine them with varieties such as Jack The Riper, Cookies Kush, Big Bud or Sweet Tai among many others. As you well know, the flavor of the spicy chips and the cannabis variety feed each other, bringing the flavor to its maximum exponent.

These recommendations are in your hands and in those of the different expert advisors of your association.


Nobody likes a sweet, sweets are not only for the little ones. The truth is that they combine perfectly with cannabis strains such as White Dino, Super Critical, NY Diesel, Honey Maker... which, due to their components, highlight even more their flavor with sweet foods.

Jelly beans are the perfect snack for your members with a sweet tooth and they will love the possibility of enjoying a good smoke with their favorite candy at your cannabis club.

essential foodstuffs in your cannabis association


We continue talking about sweets, but we jump to the exciting world of chocolate. Everyone knows that the snack par excellence is a chocolate bar, whether it is a Kinder Bueno, Kit Kat, Snickers or Twix, among others. And who can resist a chocolate bar after a joint. There is no better way to get rid of the gluttony after smoking your favorite marijuana than with chocolate.

As with jelly beans, there are certain cannabis strains that combine better with the sweet taste of chocolate. They would be the same as those mentioned above and many others such as Melon Gum, Vanilla Kush, Red Cherry Berry and a long etcetera.

Fresh fruit

An indispensable food in your Cannabis Social Club, especially in the summer season, is fresh fruit. The citrus and sweet flavors of the wide variety of fruits combine perfectly with the marijuana's terpenes, taking the flavor of each puff to unimaginable levels of taste that will dazzle your members.

Do you offer these foods to your CSC members? Are there any we haven't mentioned? These are just some of the foods that your Cannabis Social Club should not be without; but, there are others that can perfectly complement those listed here. This should also be in line with the knowledge you have of the tastes of most of your members and with the different cannabis strains you offer them. Remember that, as we have mentioned, the terpenes of certain types of marijuana combine better with some foods or others because they enhance each other's flavor.

In short, food is something that is closely linked to the act of smoking marijuana, whether before, during or after; so it is important that you take care of it to ensure maximum satisfaction of your members. As in Spain the regulations that apply to cannabis associations and clubs are very restrictive, it is best not to take any chances and offer food in a practical and simple way both for your members and for you through vending machines.

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