Top 5 Cannabis strains of 2022: a must in your CSC

In the management of any Cannabis Social Club it is as important to take care of the welfare of the members and respect the legal regulations in force in the country as it is to be aware of which are the best varieties of cannabis in 2022 to agree on which ones and how to grow them in assembly.

What are the trends in strains this 2022?

Fashions in the cannabis sector come and go as in any other sector. However, they are strongly influenced by research, the properties of strains, the prizes awarded(Cannabis Cup) and consumer demand for flavors.

Faced with this situation, the main seed banks are committed to R&D&I in order to obtain the best crosses and add to their catalog cannabis strains that meet current trends.

In 2022 we appreciate how everything leads to crosses with sweet flavors, high THC levels and low CBD. Something that is clearly a North American influence.

So that you and the rest of the members of your Cannabis Social Club are not left behind, we have compiled this list with the main hybrid strains of the year:

Gorilla Glue

cross of cannabis gorilla glue

The most outstanding variety of the year is undoubtedly the Gorilla Glue also known as GG4 or Gorilla Glue #4. With more than 100 different versions, it is a hybrid strain that has not stopped winning recognitions and awards in the world of marijuana at a global level. It has been a great winner in multiple Cannabis Cups.

The GG4 is somewhat earthy and a bit acidic. But, it is very pleasant to smoke and delights everyone who inhales and exhales its smoke. Let's not forget that it has a considerable amount of THC (as a general rule it is usually around 20% in most specimens). 

Be that as it may, the contained euphoria and relaxation it provokes in those who try it has left no one indifferent. This has made it one of the best Cannabis strains in 2022 and, obviously, one of the most demanded. 

OG Kush

og kush marijuana

Despite being a cross that was very fashionable in recent years, it is still very current. The mental high and the anti-stress effect is not something fleeting and makes the OG Kush remain one of the best varieties of 2022.

We recall that the birth date of this variety rich in THC (about 18%) is dated in the 90s. So it is probably one of the longest-lived hybrid strains.

Gelato #33

hybrid marijuana strain gelatto 33

Like the Gorilla Glue, it is a hybrid strain of crossing 50 % sativa and 50 % indica. THC levels exceed 20% in its different versions while CBD levels are very low.

It is not very difficult to find out why it is fashionable: with the first puff you already feel its intense flavor that transports you to a new place full of sweetness with small sparks of acidity. 

We are sure that if you expose the qualities of this incredible cannabis variety of Breeder Sherbinski in the assembly, there will be more than one member who will wish that this becomes the one of their regular consumption. We recommend experienced members due to its high THC level.


zkittlez cannabis

Another cannabis strain with a high percentage of THC which is usually between 15 or 20% depending on the version. That together with its composition mostly indica would make us think that it does not have a great cerebral effect. But, on the contrary. We are in front of a crossing which produces a deep and pleasant sensation in the consumer. 

In addition, all of this is accentuated by a soil profile with a caramelized flavor and small hints of tropical fruits.


cannabis mimosa variety

This sativa-dominant strain has a high THC level, just like the other varieties mentioned in the list. Concretely it is 22%. It offers an earthy flavor with citrus points that wonders anyone and gives you energy to face the day with strength and joy.

Which marijuana cross is the best of 2022?

As you can see the trends are clearly influenced by what is coming from North America with sweeter and more resinous cannabinoid crosses, as well as high THC percentages. 

Now you know the best Cannabis strains of 2022. It will be a matter of letting the other members of the Club know which strains are in fashion to see if any of them can be adapted to the needs of the members. In that case, you will only have to establish the way you are going to grow it and the exact quantity you are going to need.

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