Discover the 10 Best Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona [Update 2023].

CBD, along with the good work of a large part of the weed sector in recent years, has brought a new normality to a sector that was stigmatised by the majority of society. Although there is still a lot of work to be done, cannabis associations are proliferating in cities and towns, and are a key meeting point for lovers of marijuana and its different strains. The city of Barcelona was not going to be any less, which is why CSC Green Gourmet is going to review the best Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona in this article.

the 10 best cannabis social clubs in barcelona

We have not chosen Barcelona at random. Apart from being one of the most visited cities in the world for its tradition, history, cultural richness and cosmopolitan life, among other factors, it has all the qualities to be one of the most important green cities in Europe. And, in fact, it is; although in Spain there are still many restrictions and laws that hinder the natural growth of the sector as in certain states of the United States, Canada or Uruguay.

Barcelona has a wide variety of CSCs of all types and sizes distributed throughout the city and its different districts. There are approximately 300 clubs. Many of them are concentrated in the city centre area. These clubs stand out for the professionalism of their services, their incredible facilities and the high quality of the cannabis they offer to their members.

However, not all clubs offer information on how to pair drinks or snacks with how to pair drinks or snacks with cannabis strains according to taste. This is very important and helps to emphasise the flavours and enjoy every puff to the fullest.

The decoration and ambience of the Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona are unique to each venue, which creates a special atmosphere from the moment you walk through the door of each one. There is not one like it and this creates a special bond of belonging among the members of the corresponding Association.

How to find the best Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona?

Finding your way around such a wide range of CSCs can be difficult in a city as big as Barcelona. That is one of the main reasons why we have written this article on the 10 best cannabis social clubs in Barcelona. This list, compiled by CSC Green Gourmet, aims to be a helping hand for all those marijuana lovers, whether CBD or THC, who are looking for an association that suits their needs to register as a member. With our top 10 you can find out which are currently the best clubs in the city.

However, there are recently created tools that are being developed as association search engines that are interesting, such as Weedmaps. However, it is still in its infancy as far as Catalonia is concerned.

There is also a specific page that lists some of the CSCs in Barcelona, such as Cannabis Barcelona or Weed Bcn. The idea is interesting, but not all the dispensaries in the city are listed, far from it.

In short, the best way to find the ideal cannabis club in Barcelona for you is to rely on recommendations and lists drawn up by experts in the sector, compare sources and choose the club that suits you best.

Top 10 Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona

Well, after this brief introduction we now present what our experts in the world of cannabis at CSC Green Gourmet consider to be the 10 best Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona at the moment.

best cannabis social clubs in barcelona high class club barcelona

This cannabis social club exudes elegance and glamour from every corner. It has a unique and original space where every corner is cared for down to the smallest detail. 

To enter the High Class Club is to take a step into a warm environment of relaxation and good vibes where you can enjoy a few puffs without worrying about anything other than your own pleasure. 

The facilities are perfect for savouring top-notch cannabis strains tested in absolute tranquillity with background music perfectly selected for the occasion. 

And if we tell you that you can also find snacks and drinks of all flavours available at the Association. Food is the icing on the cake for this club, which more than justifies being considered one of Barcelona's benchmarks. 

And it is for this reason that this is the place where we start the tour that we organise at CSC Green Gourmet, Flavor Experienceto promote education on the best combinations of drinks and types of cannabis according to flavours. The event was a complete success, full of surprises for the sense of smell and palate of the members who participated.

Undoubtedly, if you are looking for a quality cannabis club with maximum guarantees, you can't miss out on registering as a member to start living the High Class Bcn experience. You can do it easily through their website.

📍 How to get to High Class Club
the cut best csc in Barcelona
the cut in the list of the best Cannabis associations in Barcelona

Located in one of the most central neighborhoods of the city as the Raval, The Cut Barcelona is an association with an excellent and international atmosphere to taste the best varieties of marijuana.

Its comfortable facilities will make you feel at home from the first moment. The atmosphere at The Cut Barcelona is pure good vibes. You can enjoy the company of other members while enjoying the best marijuana in a safe and quiet place.

Whether you like to smoke or are looking for something different with vaporizers, bongs or rigs for dabs. You will always find the best options thanks to our strategic partners.

Sativa, hybrid and indica extracts tasting , pizza nights and live music performances are just some of the many activities organized in this wonderful and cozy cannabis club in the heart of Barcelona.

In addition, it is equipped with a set of state-of-the-art CSC Green Gourmet vending machines to offer drinks and snacks that pair perfectly with the different extracts they offer.

Haven't you visited The Cut Barcelona yet?

📍 How to get to The Cut Barcelona
best csc in barcelona BCNKush
bcn kush among the best Cannabis social clubs in Barcelona

Barcelona Kush is located in the neighborhood of Sants, a few streets away from one of the most important and busiest train and subway stations of the city with the same name.

It is a club with an eye-catching design and a very neat decoration that makes every member who enters the door for the first time feel at home. The good vibes are present in this cheerful association with a very interesting weekly schedule of events where learning and having fun with cannabis go hand in hand.

It has a main lounge to make interacting and chatting with other members much easier. Want some more chill? No worries. If you prefer, you can also use one of the reserved areas to relax alone after a long day of work or with other friends of the club and enjoy your favorite cannabis strain.

Nothing is missing in this cannabis club. Members can enjoy marijuana with the best toys of the moment such as bongs, pipes or vaporizers, among others. 

The club's collaborators will help and guide you in any doubt you may have regarding the regulations or operation of the club as well as the best way to enjoy each of the varieties of marijuana they offer.

It is for all these reasons that it is one of the best cannabis social clubs in Barcelona.

📍 How to get to Barcelona Kush

cube bcn of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona
cube cannabis association in Barcelona

This is perhaps one of the smallest clubs on the list we have selected. However, it is no less popular.

Cube Barcelona is known among weed lovers for the good vibes and excellent value for money that characterizes it. It is a cannabis social club where its main objective is that you enjoy marijuana without complexes with other members

As their own website states "they are not a postureo club". The dimensions of the premises in which it is located make it conducive to human relationships. It is the perfect place to meet other members who want to enjoy a good smoke without prejudices.

Undoubtedly, it is an ideal paradise for smokers to stop and continue your trip, as it is very well connected to the center of Barcelona.

📍 How to get to Cube Barcelona

hollyweed bcn one of the best cannabis social clubs in Barcelona
Most important CSCs in Barcelona - Hollyweed Barcelona

This is one of the leading CSCs in Barcelona , as evidenced by its facilities, the quality of its strains and the satisfaction of the members who are part of the club.

As soon as you enter, you can tell that this is not just any cannabis club . The classic and elegant design conveys style on all four sides. Chairs, sofas, chandeliers, mirrors and plants to create a unique sophisticated atmosphere.

Apart from the good work in terms of the decoration of the place, the staff of the club also stands out. They are highly qualified and close collaborators who are ready to provide the most detailed information about the selected cannabis to users, whether they are novices or experts in the field. 

A few tips or a friendly conversation are always useful to continue learning about this wonderful world and to brighten up your stay at the club. 

Directly related to this, a whole host of special activities are organized week after week to build community and boost cannabis awareness.

And what really matters: the cannabis strains offered. These are always of the highest level, always maintaining the maximum exclusivity and rarity. In addition, you can combine it with the best drinks and snacks from CSC Green Gourmet.

📍 How to get to Hollyweed Barcelona

best cannabis club barcelona terpy

An innovative and groundbreaking cannabis social club like few others. Barely a year since its opening and it has already made a name for itself in Barcelona

Terpy Barcelona has an original and creative way of doing things that has connected with many of Barcelona's marijuana fans .

It is not a cannabis association as usual, since it also has an online store where they sell a variety of very interesting products and even have their own magazine.

They must be doing something right when they have illustrious partners such as the rappers Morad and Eladio Carrión. This is just an anecdote, but it gives us an idea of the type of CSC we are talking about and the growth potential it has.

The ingenuity in design and communication is present both in the club's facilities and in the different channels in which they are present, such as social networks.

Terpy Barcelona has a wide range of varieties for its members to choose from, including indicas, hybrids and sativas. But they also have marijuana in more practical formats for those who want it. In addition, all this with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

In short, it is the ideal option to enjoy tasty puffs surrounded by friends and good vibes. Terpy has everything a stoner could want and more.

📍 How to get to Terpy Barcelona

One of the most popular monuments in Barcelona and the world is Gaudi's Sagrada Familia. Just a few streets away you can find the social cannabis club G13 Weed Club. Located in the heart of Barcelona, but away from the hustle and bustle so that members maintain their privacy.

This association offers all kinds of entertainment possibilities so that its members can enjoy their time the way they like and turn each experience into something unique. From a pool table or one for the more active to huge TV screens, video consoles, psychedelic cushions and LED lights.

The aim of G13 Weed Club is to present a pleasant space where both recreational and medicinal users of cannabis strains can relax.

Club members highlight the wide variety of strains they offer and their selection of extractions that will delight any lover of quality marijuana.

As if all this were not enough, its commitment to music is total. Music and cannabis have always gone hand in hand and G13 Weed Club knows it, that's why it holds weekly musical events. It takes care of both its musical selection and that of its strains and this makes its members fall in love with it.

All in all, with this service and these facilities you can understand why it gathers more than 100 reviews on Google with an average of 5 stars.

📍 How to get to G13 Weed Barcelona

barcelona weed club, one of the best CSCs in the city

Another important cannabis social club in Barcelona that could not be missing in our list of recommendations is Barcelona Weed Club.

It is a perfect place to hang out with friends thanks to the calm and relaxed atmosphere that reigns in the place. 

This is achieved with a warm and familiar décor that makes members feel at home from day one. 

The CSC 's goal is for all its members to be comfortable and feel safe. That is why it has an open conditioned space equipped with everything necessary to enjoy the experience to the fullest and with a staff that stays close to the members to help them at all times to resolve issues related to marijuana and its strains.

Another of the objectives of Barcelona Weed Club and one of the reasons why this cannabis association was created was to disseminate accurate and useful information about cannabis. This can be seen with the personalized attention of the collaborators that we mentioned before or with the different activities that are organized in the club for this function.

📍 How to get to Barcelona Weed Club

Which Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona do we recommend?

As you have seen there are countless cannabis associations in Barcelona of all types, styles and sizes. The list we have compiled is what we consider to be the best cannabis social clubs in Barcelona, but there are many other options. Obviously, we recommend you the ones in the top 10 that we have created. 

However, there are also many other CSCs that have not been included in this list but are just as good and could be just as good. Inform yourself, compare, ask members and find the ideal club for you in the city of Barcelona.

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